Outbound Training

Outbound Training is known with lot of different names like Outbound Learning. Adventure Based Learning, OBT Training. Corporate Adventure Offsite etc. Outbound programs have been found to be particularly effective in areas that involve interpersonal relationships, trust and bonding, communication of shared vision and goals, motivation, behavior modification in response to change, and personal effectiveness.

Outbound training is particularly relevant to today’s society as it demonstrates to people that they in fact do possess the necessary internal resources required of them; that in spite of differences in backgrounds they can live and work together; and that it is intrinsic to human nature to be helpful.

Why Us

We specialize in Experiential Learning based high impact modules in an outdoor environment. For Adventure lovers we have a heady cocktail to choose  from mountaineering, trekking, abseiling, caving, bungee jumping , paragliding, sky driving , river rafting and many more.

We bring to your team  the concept of experiential learning, we at our performance trainings believe that people  will understand better about organization skills (such as leadership, communication, team building, etc) if they are taught in action oriented way rather than more theoretical/ classroom way of teaching.

Thus with years of experience in difficult industries, we help our training participants in accelerating their process of thought in understanding the concept of organizational skills by providing them with our experiential training method. Our outbound training method generally follows cycle containing

Experience of the game
Reflection of the team
Generalization of the activity
Transfer to working environment